Ficus Regina®

Our decoratively shaped, premium-quality standard Ficus plants often find their way to consumers and the business market via florists and garden centres. Our Ficus plants’ greatest asset, which is widely appreciated, is its excellent keeping quality. The use of lower cultivation temperatures and compact pruning enable us to supply a product of top quality. Ficus Regina® is our high-quality label specially intended for wholesalers, garden centres and florists. The additional guarantee label represents our aim for perfection.

Better keeping quality and less leaf abscission

Our philosophy is that consumers should be happy and satisfied with the plants they buy. In our aim for perfection we therefore use a different cultivation method for our Ficus trees, resulting in plants with a better keeping quality that do not readily shed their leaves. With these qualities and the extensive care instructions provided via our website we help consumers to get the most out of their plants.

Ficus Regina® Catalogue

We offer Ficus trees with many different exotically shaped stems for different applications. To help you make a choice we have developed a special catalogue for our Ficus Regina® range.  Make sure you always order your Ficus trees in the right shape, size and plant length and we will quickly confirm your order.

Go to our Ficus Regina Catalogue (under construction)

Better turnover rates at garden centres

Garden centres and florists opt for our Ficus Regina® plants to be assured of top quality supplied under a reliable label. We have developed a concept specially for garden centres to help them increase their sales. Ask our sales department how we could be of help to you.

 Maximum consumer satisfaction

At our consumer website we provide extensive information on the ideal position for our plants and how to care for them so that consumers will be able to enjoy our standard Ficus plants for as long as possible. Via our website customers can also join our Facebook group to ask questions, get answers or share information.