Nolina / Beaucarnea

Of all green houseplants, Nolina is probably the easiest to care for. We supply our Nolina plants in pot sizes 9 and 12 cm. Our Nolina plants stand out for their excellent quality, without any brown leaf tips.

(download leaflet Nolina)

Unique line: EASY CARE PLANTS (12 cm)

‘Easy to care for’ and ‘consumer-ready’ are the basic principles of our 12 cm Easy Care Plant green indoor plant mix, which includes the Nolina. The Easy Care Plant mix is identified by a clear and attractive label depicting a smiling water droplet. Care information for the Easy Care Plant mix can be found via

Maximum consumer satisfaction

At our consumer website we provide extensive information on the ideal position for our plants and how to care for them so that consumers will be able to enjoy our standard Ficus plants for as long as possible. Via our website customers can also join our Facebook page to ask questions, get answers or share information.