Musa / Banana plant

Musa Regina®

Specially developed for the more exclusive sales channels, we offer our premium-quality Musa in a 17 cm pot under the name of Musa Regina®. The Musa (also called the Banana plant) is the new jewel in the crown of green plants. It has a nonchalant air about it with its pretty, dark green and sometimes slightly undulating leaves. By contrast, other types of Musa are small and compactly shaped. Ideal for your window sill. We grow our Musa trees in 17-cm, 21-cm and 40-cm pots. Like all our other products, our Musa trees are grown under steady cultivation conditions, enabling us to guarantee excellent quality. 

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Familiar 'parrot' cover

We offer the Musa with our familiar 'parrot' cover as a premium-quality product that is particularly suited for promotions and new sales channels. A strikingly colourful design which appeals to a wide audience.

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Maximum consumer satisfaction

At our consumer website we provide extensive information on the ideal position for our plants and how to care for them so that consumers will be able to enjoy our standard Ficus plants for as long as possible. Via our website customers can also join our Facebook page to ask questions, get answers or share information.