Chamaedorea elegans

We are the market leader in the cultivation of Chamaedorea elegans with good keeping quality, which we supply in pot sizes of 9, 12 and 17 cm. A good product begins with selecting the best suppliers. In our greenhouse we use lower temperatures than usual, taking more time to grow our dwarf palms than other nurseries. This results in stronger plants. Our aim for perfection rewards us with Chamaedorea palms with the best keeping quality you'll find anywhere.

Specially for plant arrangements (9 cm)

We are able to supply large volumes, and specially for the market of plant arrangements we have trays comprising plants in 9-cm pots that can be quickly processed.

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Unique line: EASY CARE PLANTS (12 cm)

‘Easy to care for’ and ‘consumer-ready’ are the basic principles of our 12 cm Easy Care Plant green indoor plant mix, which includes the Chamaedorea. The Easy Care Plant mix is identified by a clear and attractive label depicting a smiling water droplet. Care information for the Easy Care Plant mix can be found via

Chamaedorea Regina®: More widely spaced during cultivation (17 cm)

We supply our Chamaedorea Regina® in 17-cm pots specially intended for the more exclusive sales channels. Using lower temperatures than usual, we take longer to cultivate them, and we moreover grow the palms wider apart, to allow for better illumination of the plants. This results in stronger plants that will not readily fall apart, as tends to happen quite often with these palms in practice. Typically the Chamaedorea Regina® is also thicker, in order to provide better quality.

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Ideal for creating an appealing atmosphere

The dwarf palm Chamaedorea elegans does not receive the attention it deserves, in spite of its many remarkable characteristics. For a start, it is ideal for creating an appealing atmosphere. And thanks to its low maintenance and light needs it can be placed in many spots around the house. Something else that many people don't know is that is Chamaedorea elegans also has excellent air-purifying properties.

Maximum consumer satisfaction

At our consumer website we provide extensive information on the ideal position for our plants and how to care for them so that consumers will be able to enjoy our Chamaedorea for as long as possible. Via our website customers can also join our Facebookpage to ask questions, get answers or share information.